Collaboration & Coteaching

Facilitator: Jill Bromenschenkel

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” ~George Bernard Shaw

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each individual in a collaboration brings with himself or herself unique characteristics, but when everyone is grouped together, all of those characteristics add up together and become something greater. If you look at the collaborative team as a whole, rather than a conglomerate of individuals, the collaboration will run more smoothly.

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The Collaboration Age is about learning with a decidedly different group of "others," people whom we may not know and may never meet, but who share our passions and interests and are willing to invest in exploring them together. It's about being able to form safe, effective networks and communities around those explorations, trust and be trusted in the process, and contribute to the conversations and co-creations that grow from them. (Edutopia)

What are all of the ways your colleagues collaborate? Email? Chatting? Joint Planning?
Students as Contributors via Alan November
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The power of professional learning networks

What is a PLN and Why Do I Need One? (including plurk, twitter)
It's all about the Network
Jill's PLN wiki

Online options for connecting: wall/coteach21

Power of the Tower.... Team Challenge and Reflections on Collaboration (post reflections on wallwisher or notes with partner)
(check out the Power of the Tower pics):

Quiz Quiz Trade questions

Three Strands of Collaboration

  • Collaborative Planning
  • Collaborative Instructional Delivery
  • Collaborative Communication & Assessment

Supporting a Dual Layer Curriculum

Coteachers must use both legs when stepping into an inclusive environment! A_ and In_ ! If we focus too much on one leg or the other, we'll topple!


  • Sheltered Strategies, scaffolding, modifications, ELL/ SPED techniques....
  • Content-obligatory Language Objectives


  • Learning Skills, Social Skills, Language Acquisition, ELP standards
  • Content-compatible Language Objectives

Word Box for Cloze Notes:

do, language, commit, specific, content, Dual, obligatory, compatible, assessment, teach, assess, practice, plan

Language and Content Objectives
Building Language Objectives

Lunch Assignment: Discussion questions with your co-teacher (green handout) Collection of Coteaching Sites & Resources

Background and testimonials, & call for collaboration

The Power of Two
One ESOL coteacher's vid on his experience
Collaboration, Co-Teaching, RTI, & Differentiated Instruction (Grades 1-5)
"Coteaching can be wonderful" youtube
Collaborate to Integrate
TED talks: The Rise of Collaboration

Coteaching Around the world, models of coteaching


Slideshare: coteaching in Autralian Schools (with 4 models)
5 Types/ Models of Coteaching- University of Kansas
ESL coteaching info and models
Models of Co-teaching from BYU
Tiffin Middle School: slideshare of journey and examples
Coteaching Basics
CoTeaching Models

Video Examples

WIDA Coteaching sample: youtube
Coteaching Strategies/ Models: Youtube
SPED Collaborative Teaching- Youtube
Videos and additonal links (mainly SPED, good info for all)

Interaction Strategies/ Cooperative Learning

Differentiation Techniques- ELLs in Mainstream classrooms
Coop Structure: Fan & Pick Youtube
Coop Structure: Travelling Quiz and Show Youtube
Coop Structure: Numbered Heads Together: Youtube
Coop Structure: Showdown Youtube
44 benefits of collaborative learning

ELP/ ELL standards

MN ELP standards
WIDA ELP standards
WIDA standards & ESL Curriculum Alignment ppt
California ESOL standards and vingettes

Language Stems

Accountable Talk

Tech to Connect!
Site: Top Web Tools for Enhancing Collaboration
Jill's links tagged 'collaboration'
10 collaborative tools and apps

Professional Connections:
Eight Reasons An Innovative Educator Uses Twitter
Nine Great Reasons Teachers Should Use Twitter

Communication, Reflection, and Logging the Journey.... tools for collaborative notes on the web

Collaborative web 2.0 tools
Alternatives to Wallwisher
10 collaborative brainstorming apps